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In this e-newsletter St. Tammany Master Gardeners and other horticultural experts share their knowledge for success in the garden. Topics include Louisiana Super Plants, composting,  pruning, attracting pollinators, organic gardening, pest management, and more. News about community projects, field trips, and other STMGA activities are featured. 

The Gardengoer

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Here you will find detailed information on growing some of our favorite vegetables. We'll cover soil prep, water, fertilizer, pests, diseases, and more.  You can read, download, and print each publication, and have the info you need for the plants you're growing at your fingertips.

Growing Vegetables

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We're working on this topic and it's not yet ready for our website.  But soon you will be able to view video tutorials created by our local master gardener experts to learn how to grow and best practices.

Watch and Learn



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